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bishop roosevelt dunn - pastor/founder

For the last forty-seven years, Bishop Roosevelt Dunn has become known both in the local community as well as throughout the state of Colorado as a man of integrity, wisdom, and a great vision. Born October 17, 1934 in Hamburg, Arkansas, he later relocated to Los Angeles, California. In 1965, he was saved under the leadership of Pastor A.T. Mayberry. According to Bishop Dunn, “Life really began when I got saved.” The outcome of this new life has unfolded over the years into an exemplary life of faith and dependency on God to provide in the midst of life’s circumstances. He served in the ministry in Los Angeles as district secretary, Sunday school teacher, Young People Willing Workers president and teacher. He was ordained in 1969 under the late Bishop Samuel Crouch.   In 1970, Bishop Dunn was given “Israelite” for the name of the church, which would eventually become the foundation of an outreach ministry that would birth out other ministries and impact many lives. After much prayer, Bishop Dunn moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1971 with his wife and then seven children. He served faithfully for one year under Pastor Justus Morgan at the Morgan Memorial Church of God in Christ. On February 15, 1972, the Israelite Church of God in Christ was established. women were faithful in providing constant fundraisers that would prove to sustain the financial demand on the ministry. In the words of so many, “those were the days!” The first services were held at 422 Security Boulevard. The time spent at this location was one of great spiritual growth, and many souls were added to the church. Because the attendance exceeded the facility’s maximum occupancy, another building of worship had to be found. The church relocated in 1974 to 123 Security Boulevard, its present location. As the ministry progressed, many souls were brought to Christ. Due to increasing membership and the requirement for operational space, a new edifice for worship was constructed and completed in 1983.   As the ministry has grown, several programs have been implemented as part of the total outreach ministry. In house, Decision Time Enterprises, a full-time media ministry, produces weekly broadcasts for radio and television. The 24/7 online radio and television network provides ministry around the world through Decision Time Enterprises. Under the umbrella of community outreach there is the Paradise Foundation, a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization which in the past has provided licensed daycare services for over twenty-years to the Colorado Springs community. Under Bishop Dunn’s leadership, a 171-unit apartment complex was used to provide low-income housing to the Colorado Springs community as well.   Bishop Dunn is known as a praying man and a dynamic teacher. His ministry has reached many parts of Europe including Germany and Italy. Out of the Israelite ministry, more than twelve churches have emerged. He has been instrumental in helping other churches build both financially and through spiritual encouragement. Nevertheless, Bishop Dunn gives credit for the efforts to the faithful church members who have stood by and assisted him. While he did not begin as Bishop, the Lord has elevated him over the years. Beginning as Pastor, then, Superintendent of the Southern District, State AIM Chairman and, now, the Jurisdiction of Colorado Prelate. His most recent accomplishment through the help of the Lord was to see the outright purchase of a Jurisdictional Temple with no debt. Truly, God is good! He freely and generously gives both his time and resources to help those in need. Bishop Dunn is well known for saying “You have a miracle in your mouth.” He firmly believes that, “We are blessed to be a blessing,” and that “You cannot beat God Giving.” Bishop Dunn has been married to his lovely wife, Mother Emma Dunn for sixty-one years. To this union are seven sons and three daughters.

You Have A Miracle In Your Mouth!