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israelite church of god in christ

In just a three-bedroom house that was converted into a sanctuary, did the Israelite Church of God in Christ began in 1972 when Elder Roosevelt Dunn, his wife and then, seven children move to Colorado Springs from Los Angeles, California. In those days, there was nothing but cows and pasture in that particular area. Nevertheless, not only did Colorado Springs began to grow by enormous leaps and bounds but also the Israelite Church. It only took a couple of years before a church structure was sought out by the faithful supporters of the ministry and just down the street at 123 Security Boulevard did they locate one.

The beginnings of the Israelite Church was one of great spiritual formation because of the constant prayer meetings and fastings that was called by Elder Roosevelt Dunn. Through much suffering, faith and patience, has the Lord confirmed the work that we see on today. The organizational structure of the church took great shape as the thriving Sunshine Band would have on its roll over seventy children; the youth department had an exciting schedule that kept them busy; the ministers and elders were doing all that they could to support their Pastor and the women were faithful in providing constant fundraisers that would prove to sustain the financial demand on the ministry. In the words of so many, “those were the days!”

And still, those days continued. In 1984, the dedication of a brand-new edifice made every member and even community on-lookers proud to see the marvelous works that God had done. Next, not long after the completion of the new church was the Paradise Child Care started in the basement of the church. It was the vision of Pastor Roosevelt Dunn to meet the needs of the community through great child care services. To expand this vision, in 1996, a new structure was completed for Paradise Child Care, then renamed, Paradise Learning Center. This building was licensed for 107 children for which during its prime, enrollment was filled and there was a waiting list. For nearly twenty-five years, this day care establishment provided exceptional child care services to the Colorado Springs community.

The Bronzetree Apartments, a 171-unit, low-income housing complex was purchased and managed by the Israelite church to provide affordable housing to the Colorado Springs community. For years, this management project took great shape and provided outstanding housing services to many families, military transients and individuals looking for a new start.

Most recently, Decision Time Enterprises began as the media company for the Israelite COGIC ministries, focusing on providing the Word of God through television, radio, internet, publishing and music formats. For over three years, the Decision Time broadcast aired on The Word Network which not only aired in the United States but also in 140 countries. Through this media expansion, many have to come to love the faith teaching of Bishop Roosevelt Dunn. The Israelite Church of God in Christ Ministries continues its mission in 2012 and beyond as it provides an exceptional ministry staff that is trained to meet the needs of God’s people. We encourage you to preview the video profiles of our leadership staff and register through iVision to learn more about the vision and mission of each of our auxiliaries.

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